5 Practical Baby Shower Gift Ideas

by The Mum Tribe

Baby showers are so much fun - they're a chance to literally shower a mum to be with gifts to celebrate the impending arrival of her bundle of joy. Buying a gift can be a little less fun though, if you're not sure what to buy! Most of the time people will shower the mum with loads of SUPER CUTE newborn sized clothes because they're SO TINY. Cue the squeals of delight.

The problem? Babies just don't wear those things. And it puts pressure on the mum to wrangle her newborn into impossible outfits when she really just wants to zip them into a onesie, just so she can get a picture of the outfit being worn.

If you're wanting something a little more practical for the mum to be, here are a few ideas. These are even more applicable for a first time mum!

A silicone breast pump

Silicone breast pumps are one of those things that you don't know exist unless another mum friend tells you about them, or you're particularly well read. In the movies we see mums with double electric breast pumps, and that's what we imagine.

But silicone breast pumps are a discreet, much more reasonable option. Arguably the most famous silicone breast pump is the Haakaa. They're incredibly easy to use, painless/don't cause any discomfort and don't require any actual pumping. You pop it onto the opposite breast to the one you're feeding on and let it catch your letdown.

They're a perfect gift because you'll be giving the gift of a freezer stash that mama can use one day when she just HAS to get out of the house to get some adult interaction. Win!

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A treat for the mum to be

In the days after having a baby, it's ALL about the baby. So often mum is forgotten, despite being through this momentous event in her life. In those days of feeling like a deflated balloon, a little pick me up can work wonders.

Gift mum to be a voucher for a massage, a gift box of goodies for her to nibble on, or a gift of nice smelling things to take a nice bath. Of course, offer to watch the baby while she does so!

Perineal relief

Okay, okay, nobody really wants to talk about this! BUT it's an important conversation to have. Nobody can really tell you what it feels like after having a baby, but you can give the gift of relief.

Funnily enough, it's quite painful pushing a baby out of your vagina and may result in grazes and tears. Even without tearing though, the area will be tender and swollen for a while.

Cue the Viva La Vulva! A soothing perineal spray, it calms swelling and tenderness to speed recovery. Witch hazel is another amazing tincture to apply to the area, and Viva La Vulva makes The Good Witch Hazel too.

If anything, a gift like this will get a conversation going, and maybe prepare mum to be a little bit about what she can expect from postpartum recovery. Viva La Vulva is also useful after a c-section, as the soothing and healing properties can help speed scar recovery too. All mums should speak with their midwife or medical professional before using any treatments, natural or otherwise.

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Quality swaddles

Before having a baby I heard that "you can never have too many swaddles". This is TRUE! Swaddles are immensely useful, and can be used for so many things. Covering prams or capsules, wrapping baby (obviously!), as a light blanket on a warm day, something for baby to lie on, or whatever you can think of.

Swaddles should be soft, made of muslin or cotton to ensure breathability and a nice soft fabric against baby's skin. They're always a beautiful gift, and you know they'll end up getting used!

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Pre-made meals

This is an oldie but a goodie. Pre-made meals are an absolute godsend during the early days! I had a friend gift me two weeks of ready made dinners and it was the most incredible gift. When you're starving but too tired to even think about making dinner, being able to microwave a full meal gives you a bit more energy to carry on. It sure beats toast!

There are loads of different options for pre-made meals, like My Food Bag or FED. Trust me, your mum-to-be friend will LOVE you for this.

Those are a few ideas of practical baby shower gifts for new mums to be! What are some other gift ideas you've given or received?