The Mum Tribe podcast is for kiwi mums, where we chat all things motherhood, parenting and everything in between. Hosted by Jess Raubenheimer-Free (founder of The Mum Tribe), a first time mum based in Dunedin, NZ. Episodes are released weekly, and you can subscribe and listen wherever you'd normally listen to podcasts.

Episode 4: Being The Gentle Parent When It Doesn't Come Naturally with Tarryn Robertson

In this week's episode I'm chatting with Tarryn who runs Raising Calm. We're chatting about being a gentle parent when that doesn't come naturally to you. Tarryn shares some great strategies to help with our children's emotional outbursts, as well as some valuable insights into how children's behaviour is reflective of the things they're feeling.

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Episode 3: Finding Your Calm as a Mum with Natalie Cook

In this week's episode of The Mum Tribe podcast, I'm chatting with Natalie Cook, who is a mind-body health coach and therapist, and mum to two gorgeous boys. Natalie's work focuses on helping mums navigate their parenting journey with more easy, joy and presence by focusing on our own needs.

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Episode 2: The Four Phases of Your Postpartum Body Journey

In this episode, I'm sharing my completely scientific (not) theory on the four phases of the journey we go on with our post-baby bodies. No matter what our journey looks like, at some point we're going to see changes in our bodies after having our babies. This isn't a bad thing, and it's definitely a journey to get to accept these new bodies we've got.

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Episode 1: Jess' Journey to Motherhood

In this episode I'll be sharing a little about my journey to motherhood, including my fertility journey, pregnancy, birth and first few weeks of being a new mum.

I mention a couple of blog posts in this episode which can be found here:


Episode 0: Welcome to The Mum Tribe Podcast!

In Episode 0, I'm covering a little bit about how The Mum Tribe came to be, and what you can expect from The Mum Tribe podcast.